Hey guys! As promised here are my 3 beauty misses for June. Over the next few days expect a song suggestion.  I hope you find this helpful and I hope you are all enjoying summer! xoxo,




E.l.f. Essential Blush with Brush in Innocence: I got this blush a while ago and have given it several tries and each has sadly disappointed me.  It is chalky and the pigmentation is horrible (to get any color you have to pack it on).  It retails on eyes lips for $2 so it isn’t a huge waste of money, and I’m sure the darker colors are beautiful and I hope to try some of them soon.  Just this particular color isn’t great for fair complexions, because it blends right into the skin. Over all, just a bad color and bad pigmentation.


Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin: The first few times that I used this moisturizer, I was pleased with the results because it left my face with a matte finish.  But when I woke up in the morning my face was so oily! I then realized that this product didn’t moisturize my face at all.  I had to pack it on, but even after a few layers my face was left dry.  It is priced at around $10 at most drugstores.  I have tried the Sensitive Skin and SPF 15 version of the moisturizer and both are awesome.  All in all, this misses the mark even for someone with combination skin.


E.l.f. Studio 150-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette: I got this palette as a gift and I was so excited because I love e.l.f..  Later, when I opened it up again two of the shadows were shattered.  I had to be super careful with how I stored it because it was so fragile, but I didn’t have many options because it was so big and clunky.  The first time I used it the top broke off just by me opening it.  As for the shadows the shimmer ones are nice, good pigmentation and they aren’t super chalky, but they do have fallout.  As for the matte ones, they are chalky, and lack good color payoff with tons of fallout.  Some matte shadows are better than others though, so I had to experiment.  This is $15 on eyes lips and at this price it’s pretty good for beginners.  All in all, this palette is cheaply packaged with inconsistent shadow quality.