#095 Crème Brûlée (far left), #015 Tutti Frutti (middle), #047 Pink Lemonade (far right)

Hey guys! Today I wanted to review the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters for y’all.  I know that they have been on the market for a while now, but I have recently rediscovered these and found them to be very unique.  I own 3 colors; #095 Crème Brûlée (far left, sheer medium nude), #015 Tutti Frutti (middle, sheer vibrant orange), and #047 Pink Lemonade (far right, sheer baby pink).  I do enjoy all of these colors, but there are a few cons.  I hope you find this review helpful!

IMG_7523IMG_7529Left: Crème Brûlée Middle: Tutti Frutti Right: Pink Lemonade

Pros: These lip butters are very moisturizing and some of the most interesting lip products out there.  There is a great color selection (so they are great year-round products) and might I add that the packaging is adorable! They feel comfortable on the lips and are great for lazy days when I only need a sheer wash of color.  Also, the fact that they are sheer makes them good starter lip sticks, because if you are just starting to play with bold colors, you may find some in this line that aren’t too intense.  This is a great product and I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Cons: These products have few cons for me, seeing that I love them.  To start, they are messy and melt easily, which means that the product itself melts all over the tube.  Also, they aren’t long-lasting at all, and I would recommend reapplying.  Because of their slippery and gloss-like texture they tend to slide a lot if you rub your lips together.  That is basically it for the cons and they are only minor details.  I hope you enjoyed this review! xoxo,