Hey guys! Today I wanted to share one of my newest obsessions with you all.  But first, I thought I should update you guys on my new blogging schedule:

  • Monday: Weekly Obsession
  • Tuesday: Product Review
  • Wednesday: Song of the Week
  • Thursday: Recipe of the Day
  • Friday: Special

Alright, now that that’s cleared up, my weekly obsession has been a neat little website called Shop Miss A.  They sell jewelry, makeup, nail polish, hair accessories, sunglasses, and more, but the best part is, is that everything on this site is $1.  Yes, you read correctly, $1! However, a lot of the jewelry they sell is quite tacky and cheap looking, so you have to search for the good stuff, but when you find it, it really is worth it.  Also, if you really like something, you have to be quick about purchasing it, because things on this site sell out fast. Usually, after they sell out, they don’t get that item back in stock ever.  Some makeup brands they sell that you might know are E.L.F and Klean Color.  Here are some of the items I have just recently purchased and have been LOVING:

IMG_7544IMG_7548 IMG_7547





So those are my favorite items that I’ve purchased from Shop Miss A, and I don’t know if they’re still available, but if not they will definitely have something similar.  I really adore this site and I encourage you all to take a look, because they really have something for everyone’s style.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and savor the rest of the summer! xoxo,