Hey guys! For this week’s product review I wanted to discuss the Urban Decay Triple Threat Travel Pencil Set Smoky Matte Edition.  This set features three .03 oz, 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in the shades Smoke (matte deep gray), Sabbath (deep navy matte), and Perversion (blackest black matte).  The normal size of these liners is .04 oz and normally they retail for $20 each.  However, in this set you get three almost full-size liners for $19. That is an amazing deal and it makes an amazing gift for makeup beginners or make-up artists!  Also, smoky eye fanatics will love these creamy, blendable, and waterproof liners.


As for quality, they are just as long-wearing, creamy, and opaque as the full-size liners.  They do wear off of the waterline after about an hour, depending on how watery your eyes are, so you might need to either reapply or choose a different liner before you go out.  Out of the three, I would have to say that my favorite has been Smoke.  It looks natural, yet is dark enough to define my eyes and make them pop.  For fair-skinned girls, Smoke would be better than a deep black liner like Perversion.  Sabbath, like many navy blue liners, whitens your eyes and make them appear more clear and defined.  I really recommend this set, it is truly the best deal for high-end liners out there, and you get three amazing, everyday colors that will last you years. I hope you all enjoyed this review and I hope you all have a great day and savor every moment of this beautiful summer! xoxo,