Hey guys! For this week’s song of the week I’ve chosen a cover of Ariana Grande’s “Problem” done by Pentatonix.  For those of you who don’t know who Pentatonix are, they are a 5 person acapella group who won season 3 of the competition TV show, “The Sing Off”.  Pentatonix is just truly amazing and I encourage all of you to check out their YouTube channel and watch some of their covers and originals.  Now to the song! This “Problem” cover is truly a unique, fun, and feel good tune.  Pentatonix transforms this song into their own and when I first heard it, I almost forgot it wasn’t their original.  This is the leading single for their newest album “PTV Vol. 3” and you can buy this song and pre-order their album on iTunes right now.  Pentatonix is a really unique, special, talented, and amazing group and I really hope you check out their other albums as well. I hope you enjoy this song and have a great day! xoxo,