Hey guys! For today’s product recommendation I wanted to share a new skincare favorite.  Because of my fair complexion, I sun burn very easily and let me tell you; it’s not fun.  Applying sunscreen over makeup is a hassle and can make you look greasy and causes your makeup to wear off.  That’s why this moisturizer was a life saver.  Every morning, after I wash my face, I would put this on before makeup application.  It became part of my normal routine and I didn’t have to fuss with oily sunscreen.  This product felt lightweight and it left my skin non-greasy looking and protected from the sun.  If I happened to be going to the beach instead of running errands I would mix this with higher SPF sunscreens to increase the protection, but also moisturize and keep my skin matte.  So this product is for my fair skinned girls who burn easily and want to protect their complexion against the harmful rays.  I hope you enjoyed this review and have a wonderful week! xoxo,