Hey guys! Happy Labor Day! Do people even say that? Anyway, so as you know, on this blog I try to focus on more affordable products to make this the ultimate guide for a girl on a budget…but this week I had to make one exception. I recently re-discovered my old light blue Longchamp small Le Pliage bag in the deepest corners of my closet and started using it almost immediately. I had a few qualms about making this my everyday bag, since as many of you have probably experienced, I tend to carry my entire life around with me, and that requires a giant purse. Frankly, this small purse fits everything I need and forces me to minimize the amount of clutter in my bag. It’s perfect for all year round and, even though it may not fit every trend that comes along, it looks sophisticated, casual, and practical with any ensemble. I hope you all have a great week and don’t forget: no more wearing white! xoxo,