Hey guys! I’m sorry for anyone who was expecting a new recipe, but I unfortunately don’t have the time anymore to type up recipes and take pictures of the dishes I make. So instead, to keep you in the foodie circle, I am going to be sharing my favorite food products. From time to time I will try to share a recipe that I think is really worth it, but for now I’ll be sharing my ultimate weekly cravings. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! So for this week, I’ve been completely obsessed (and when I say obsessed, I mean it) with this salsa from Green Mountain Gringo. It’s an all-natural salsa that is so jam packed with awesome flavor, seriously, I almost took a straw to the jar. I love snaking on this with white corn tortilla chips after a long day because it is so fresh and light. You can buy this at your local Whole Foods or health food store. I hope that you have an awesome weekend and try this great salsa!